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Terehia Naturals Skin Care
Made in New Zealand with love, care & totally pure & natural ingredients.  

No testing on animals here.

Terehia believes that to achieve beautiful skin we need to look at ourselves as a whole,

to create a harmony inside & out.  To keep our beauty routine simple, & the integrity of the skin intact

- make what you do count by doing more with less.    

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face masks

Cotton. Three layered with nose wire & comfortable elastic ear bands. 


Colours and patterns always changing with fabric available at the time.



Brush On Block is a broad spectrum SPF 30 mineral powder sunscreen with no chemical sunscreen ingredients.


The portable brush provides easy on-the-go application that goes on quickly and is safe for sensitive skin.


* Apply and reapply with ease

* Perfect for all your everyday activities

* Can be worn over or under makeup

* Safe for children and sensitive skin

* Goes on translucent - won't affect your normal skin tone

* Great for scalp, part lines and thinning hair

* No greasy texture, messy hands or white residue

* Won't run in or sting your eyes

* Sweat and water resistant for up to 80 minutes

* Will not soak into clothes, upholstery or sports equipment

* Small, portable self - dispensing brush - put it in your bag and go

* Refill available - no need to buy a new brush everytime.  

* Paraben, PABA and phthalate free

* Cruelty free - not tested on animals

Gua Sha Facial Tool

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 6.54.27 PM.png

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese practice also known as skin scraping.  When we use our gua Sha tool, we are stimulating circulation, promoting lymphatic drainage & triggering collagen production, helping to soften lines, remove puffiness & increase the general health of your skin & giving it a beautiful glow.

Heavenly Silicon Make up Sponge  
for easy hygienic application, smooth blending, & zero wastage of your liquid foundation, BB or CC Cream.​

Wash your sponge after each use with soap & warm water & pat dry with a towel.

Important: do not remove outer lining of your sponge.


Global Soaps


Beautiful natural soaps from Nelson, NZ

A great selection to choose from including Shampoo & Conditioner Bars.

Nano Misters 
Refreshing for your skin. You can use your Terehia Skin Spritz or water. Spray on clean skin or over your make up - it will look like its just been applied.